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Cal student allegedly assaulted in dorm

A female University of California at Berkeley student was allegedly assaulted in her dorm room by a co-worker, according...

Motorcyclist shot on Nob Hill

A man stopped at an upscale hotel in San Francisco's Nob Hill neighborhood early Friday morning seeking help after...

SF police chief urges firings in texting scandal

San Francisco police Chief Greg Suhr said Friday that following an internal investigation he is recommending that seven of...

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  1. Great to see! I have experienced a lot of the recent improvements in Muni service and look forward to more of the same. It is getting better! One note though…let’s drop the schedule performance and instead replace it with a performance measure that shows buses coming at the frequency/headway there are supposed to. I don’t care if a bus makes it to a particular stop at 8:52am (esp with NextBus available for real-time information), but I do care that they come regularly, spread out and not in bunches, with the first and second bus crammed and the third one empty right on their tails and a 35 minute wait for the next bus.