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Dow cleans up after chemical release

More than 20 workers cleaned up an unintended chemical release at Dow Chemical’s waterfront processing facility in Pittsburg Friday afternoon, according...

City firms stand against Indiana anti-gay law

San Francisco businesses have responded sternly to Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration act.

Jury clears Kleiner Per­kins in discrimination suit

A San Francisco jury found sex discrimination allegations lodged against venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers were...

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  1. So the REAL victims have to pay restitution to the Real instigators? What about false report and why isnt the ambassadors in jail already? Oh because the homeless do not get attorneys that care a bit, just clear the cases and move on. They should have attorneys lining up now to represent them.

  2. The sad reality is that both ambassador’s should have lost their jobs. I am sickened by the officers that standby while their fellow officers use excessive force. Not that she simply stood by… it looks like she played her part in this as well. Afterall it isn’t like she turned in her partner for abusing a homeless person…that thin blue line clearly needs to show all officers that if they are going to stand in silence then they can join their coworkers in the unemployment line as well.

  3. This piece of shit ‘ambassidor’ (read: ass*ole hired to beat up homeless people) needs to be removed from society for a good 10-15 years. Wouldn’t surprise me if he has priors.