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Fake cop phoning victims for money

Santa Clara police are warning the public of a person posing as a sergeant and threatening people with an arrest warrant unless they pay their dues, police said Friday.

In four recent cases, police received a report of a person who claims to be Sgt. Gomby or Sgt. Eric Gandy, police said.

The suspect informed each victim that there is video footage of them speeding and a warrant has been issued for their arrest, according to police.

They can avoid arrest if they pay bail in an amount ranging between $300 and $800, police said.

The suspect informed the victims that they could post bail by purchasing a prepaid PayPal debit card at a specified 7-Eleven store and return the officer’s call, according to police.

The Santa Clara Police Department never makes phone calls on warrants or payments, officials said.

Anyone who receives a suspicious phone call is asked to report it to police at (408) 615-4700.

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