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Santa Rosa meth bust snags five

Police on Friday arrested five people in connection with a suspected narcotics operation at a residence in Santa Rosa.

Officers were conducting surveillance on a residence in the 400 block of Hewitt Street where they witnessed the resident and a man in a vehicle conduct a narcotics transaction, police said.

Officers pulled over the vehicle and contacted the residents of the home to secure a search warrant when several people inside the residence started fleeing, police said.

Police, with the help of a Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office helicopter, were able locate the people in the surrounding neighborhood.

After serving the search warrant at the residence, officers located a pound of methamphetamine that was packaged to be shipped to Hawaii, police said.

Investigators also discovered evidence that indicated people in the house were involved in the purchase and packaging of methamphetamine, and approximately $15,000 was seized from the suspects, police said.

Santa Rosa residents Miguel Borquez, 24, Shaun Laughman, 42, Jami Crowe, 38, and Hawaii residents Walter Setzco, 32, and Nicholas Coffman, 22, were all arrested on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine for sale and conspiracy to sell methamphetamine.

Broquez was also arrested on suspicion of transportation of methamphetamine, Coffman for resisting arrest, Setzco for resisting arrest and an outstanding warrant out of Marin County, and Crowe for a probation violation.

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