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Teen killed in crash identified

A boy who died when one of two speeding cars crashed into a light pole in San Jose early...

Oakland minimum wage increase takes effect

Minimum wage in Oakland is rising from $9 per hour to $12.25 today, but advocates with the East Bay...

Bicyclist struck by car in Mission

A bicyclist who was struck by a car in the Mission has been transported to a hospital with life-threatening...

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  1. If General Hospital needs a parking garage they should have a parking garage. Kaiser has one. You can’t expect surgeons to take the bus. They are often moving between clinics and hospitals and can’t arrive late. They are on a tight schedule. All patients are not able to take public transit. People fantasize about the physical condition of others, but you can’t tell by looking at someone what they are capable of. People who go to hospitals are often weak and need special care. The medical facility needs to provide for them. We are not talking about a garage at a bowling alley or a cinema. We are talking about a medical facility. Have a heart.

  2. Much cheaper to provide transit passes then to build new parking structures. Even an efficient garage is costing around $300 per month per car to fund and operate so the $100 monthly lease is only partially covering the cost. If you subsidize something this heavily you will get a lot of demand.

  3. SFMTA Board Direct Cheryl Brinkman says “All of the challenges you talk about are exactly the things we’re facing citywide.” People need to go to the hospital 24 hours a day and not just when MUNI runs, especially when they are too sick to wait for the next bus or train that is behind schedule.

    The SFMTA has been working with developers and Lobbyists for years to re-engineer San Francisco into a “CAR-FREE” city. http://web.archive.org/web/20090106230559/http://livablecity.org/pipermail/carfreeliving_livablecity.org/2006-February/thread.html funneling public funds back to lobbyists and other “car-free” advocates through the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency. These are the same organizations who use their tax exempt non profit status to engineer parking scarcity across the city http://web.archive.org/web/20040606152053/http://livablecity.org/campaigns/stopexcessiveparking.html

    Mayor Ed Lee apparently has no concern over conflicts of interest on the SFMTA Board, especially when SFMTA Board Members friends and family financially benefit from the North Beach tunnel project. https://metermadness.wordpress.com/2014/05/04/mayors-reappointment-of-vice-chair-cheryl-brinkman-to-mta-board/

  4. There’s no such thing as “at capacity” – only “at capacity for a particular cost”. Monthly parking there is $100, or about $4.50 per week day. That’s comparable to taking transit, so if you have a car, why wouldn’t you drive? Parking spaces at the condos a few blocks away go for $250 per month. If we stop subsidizing people to drive to the hospital, they won’t be at capacity.