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Citizen on jet ski rescues distressed surfer

A citizen on a jet ski rescued a surfer in distress near Pacifica State Park Friday morning.

Naked, suicidal man detained on I-580 overpass

A naked man turned heads on Interstate Highway 580 this morning while authorities investigated a three-car hit-and-run collision near...

Mark Zuckerberg gifts SFGH $75 million

The gift has prompted officials to start the process of naming the hospital the Priscilla and Mark Zuckerberg San...

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  1. As any driver who has noticed a police officer with a radar gun can attest to, active enforcement of the speed limit results in motorists taking their foot off the gas pedal and driving with greater adherence to the law. Along with more safely designed streets, greater speed limit enforcement (along with the enforcement of other traffic safety measures, like respecting the pedestrian right-of-way) is needed. In residential areas and commercial streets with many pedestrians and bicyclists, 20 is plenty.

  2. Wow, what insanity! Any good traffic engineer will tell you that you cannot control speeds with speed limits! It has been tried and it doesn’t work. Also, the goal of zero deaths is unattainable so let’s get realistic. A goal of zero with these measures assumes that every death happens simply because the car is exceeding the posted limit. The problem is that there are far more reasons why a pedestrian death happens than exceeding the posted limit. Vision zero is a SCAM.