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Raiders age discrimination suit heads to jury

An attorney for two former Oakland Raiders scouts told jurors that they should award the scouts a total of...

Warriors sweep away Kings with ease

SACRAMENTO — The Warriors swept the season series against the Kings for the second consecutive year.

Witness saw woman point gun before being shot by police

A woman pointed a revolver at a man just before she was shot dead by Emeryville police on Tuesday...

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  1. Sadden a man lost his life. Upon greed of gentrification once before. No investigation why? Ed odd Vida wasn’t damaged the prized. Condo of those able to enjoy housing. 13 fire Mission and Castro media. Didn’t help situation mentioning irrelevancy. Former tenants were rent controlled.
    Building whom paid the advertising NAIOP. BOMA,Smallpro-SF and SFAA guilty charade. Ed conveyed improving housing especially. Mission district lies nice try. Awaiting the election November 2015 difference. BMR housing going torn down for prize. Another condo Dubuce and Valencia
    St 2012. Displace tenants on rent control refuse. Leave suddenly complex engulfed never. Investigation fires for hire officials. Making profits justice now seek fair housing. Not against urban renewal fair policies. MOHSF ignores us BMR majority for sale. 1400 Mission St 190 units TNDC. All sales favor certain interest. Group for getting ideal mortgages Ed. Scammer going us 30,000 units. Where if you care? Mission Bay,China Basin,
    Hunters Point,3rd Evans former Post office,Candle Stick Park and Visitation Valley. Refuse discuss new hidden neighborhoods. Tenderloin and
    South Van Ness were towers taller. Saleforce tower yes cash from abroad. Dirty tricks Ed rebuild on former site. BMR housing not condo mania!