Anonymous-planned march takes Oakland


A crowd of roughly 75 to 100 people has gathered at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland and is on the move this evening for the third day of actions to mark the birthday of civil-rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr.

Oakland police said officers are monitoring the demonstration and the crowd is currently traveling north along Broadway and Telegraph Avenue.

According to a Facebook page advertising the event, the demonstration is protesting police brutality and is being organized by the hacktivist group, Anonymous.

The post outlines several rules for the event, including sparing private property from any damage.

The rules do allow for vandalizing police vehicles and burning American flags. Frontal assaults on police officers are not allowed, although “defensive actions,” including using shields, disarming cops who are beating participants and “unarresting” actions are allowed, according to the post.

Although private property, including businesses and people’s cars are off the list of targets for destruction, the demonstration organizers said other property, such as banks or the headquarters of “huge international corporations” are considered more acceptable than others.

The Facebook event page reads:

“We are not encouraging anyone to attack any property whatsoever, but some property is more acceptable than others if you really must risk your freedom by doing something of that nature.”

As of around 8 p.m., demonstrators could be seen marching and chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “If we don’t get no justice, they don’t get no peace.”

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