Supes order stricter reports on evictions


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance today requiring city-funded contractors to submit annual reports to The City regarding all evictions from subsidized housing.

The ordinance, sponsored by board President London Breed and Supervisor Mark Farrell, will allow city departments, as well as the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors, to be kept abreast of how many tenants of subsidized housing are receiving notices of evictions or are ultimately evicted.

Farrell said the ordinance would require recipients of city-funded contracts for the administration or development of housing to include the number of tenants living in a housing facility that received eviction notices or were evicted, as well as the reasons associated with each eviction.

The board is also encouraging any person or entity that entered into a contract with the city prior to the date the ordinance goes into effect, to submit to the department that awarded their contract a report containing information about any evictions or eviction notices at that property.

Farrell said the ordinance will allow city officials to better monitor future evictions that take place in San Francisco’s subsidized housing.

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