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Drone shoot shuts down Coit Tower

For the second day, a commercial shoot with a drone is closing Coit Tower to the public.

Kamala Harris sets sights on U.S. Senate

Attorney General Kamala Harris announced Tuesday morning she is running for U.S. Senate.

Port of Oakland breaks cargo record

Cargo volume at the Port of Oakland has reached an all-time high.

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  1. I wouldn’t be upset with Hamilton or Bevell, but they would have a lot more “on the job training” as first time HCs than Del Rio would. Del Rio had 9 seasons in Jacksonville with poor QBs and he had nearly a .500 record during an era where Manning-led Indy was the force in that division. Much of Del Rio’s strength as a candidate would come down to who his coordinators are. If he had top coordinators, I would have a lot of confidence in his leadership succeeding. Mediocre coordinators would not be a good sign. In terms of Hamilton or Bevell, it would be a much bigger gamble. Head coaches have far bigger duties than coordinators, and it would be much harder for them to put their full focus on offensive game planning, so to expect their offense to fully translate from their OC role to the HC role is not an expectation you can fully bank on. They, too, would be reliant on coordinators. At HC, we should look for the best leader and organizer. I would be OK with any of these three, but I would have more confidence in Del Rio being at least solid than the other two, who could easily fall flat in a new role.

  2. Now here is an article that at least makes some sense. Del Rio is no different than Sparano except that the team already supports Sparano so Del Rio actually takes us back a step.

    The only way Del Rio closes the gap between the Broncos & the Raiders is the fact that with Fox gone & maybe Manning as well, The Broncos have to do some rebuilding & Re-organization.

    I know Del Rio is Def & Sparano is O line but we gave up some of the fewest sacks this season which for the Raiders is a big deal. Del Rio’s defense laid an egg at home in the playoffs.

    They both have below average career stats with under talented teams in dis functional organizations… except Carr, Woodson & other Raiders support Sparano.

    If you are going to make a change at least do it with an offensive minded coach. As far as supporting Del Rio for “being from the bay area” If a guy has been in the NFL for decades and been with almost a dozen organizations and one of them has not been the Raiders… maybe he does not have silver and Black in his blood.. in fact maybe he steered clear of the Raiders, but to say he is from the bay area so that makes his a good candidate is the stupid logic that continues to make the Raiders losers.