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DMV begins issuing licenses to undocumented immigrants

Undocumented immigrants¬†living in California can now apply for a California driver’s license, officials with the California Department of Motor Vehicles said.

The opportunity comes as a new law goes into affect today that aims to improve safety on California roads. That law is AB 60. Prior to today, residents applying for a driver’s license had to prove they are in the state legally, as well as meet other requirements.

Now the department of motor vehicles will accept proof of residency in lieu of proof of legal residency.

DMV Director Jean Shiomoto said:

“DMV is committed to successfully implementing this new law to increase safety on California roads by putting licensed drivers behind the steering wheel.”

The department expects about 1.4 million more people to apply for a driver’s license in the next three years. Applicants must also pass a vision test, driver’s license knowledge test and a behind-the-wheel driving test.

Applicants can get more information about getting a driver’s license and AB 60 at

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