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First Bay Area 2015 baby arrives at Midnight

Officials at St. Luke's in San Francisco said a baby girl was delivered at the hospital right at midnight.

3.2 earth­quake shakes Sonoma County

A 3.2-magnitude earthquake struck Thursday afternoon near Kenwood in Sonoma County.

Fruitvale rally honors Oscar Grant

Several hundred people gathered on New Year's Day to remember and celebrate the life of Oscar Grant III.

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  1. If it comes down to who we can do without, the choice is clear. Why on earth would we stand by police who are keeping us safe, than a bunch of shaved apes who walk around with their pants half-way down, and stroking their genitals under their shorts in public and in full view of children, and burn cities to the ground, murder cops, and show up at their funerals to scream in the faces of grieving mourners about how peaceful their protest supporting cop-killers is.

    All the black protestors are accomplishing is furthering the view that only radical nationalism can keep the police enforcing the law–which leads straight to handing the Republican Party the next election.

    I hate the Republican Party–but you know who I hate more? The opposing losers who make their reign inevitable.

    The Black Community and the KKK–working together to radicalize the government, militarize the police, and rid the world of everyone who looks like someone they blame.