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Dad finds sex offender in bed with daughter

A Bay Point father found a 29-year-old registered sex offender in his 12-year-old daughter's bedroom late last month.

Latest report of Raiders’ move rings hollow

A report from Los Angeles radio station 980-AM 'The Beast' has kicked off a new round of speculation.

Silver and Black tinged with Red and Gold

ALAMEDA — The Oakland Raiders have made a habit of signing former 49ers players.

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  1. The money isn’t going to a foreign country. The entire team are US based firms, most minority and women owned. China Harbor is the best contractor to do this work and they have to hire local. There are BART policies that guide those things. Also, it wouldn’t be practical to hire someone in China and bring them here. These are local people working for a foreign owned company. Just like people who work in the US for foreign companies – Shell, Dial, Churches Chicken, Holiday Inn, Trader Joes, 7-11, and even Budweiser! If you work for BMW at their S.C. facility does that mean you are German, or that the money the factory worker makes is spent in Munich? No. Wake up, it’s a global economy.

  2. Why is local money going to a foreign country? Local contractors will hire local labor, or at least keep most of the money in Alameda county. Anybody remember the Bay Bridge Boondoggle? Shoddy construction, massive cost overruns, and no accountability.