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Dad cited after boozy party with minors

A 48-year-old father was cited late Friday by the Novato Police Department for having a party at his home for his daughter and other teenagers where alcohol was served, police said.

At 11:30 p.m. Friday, Novato police were on foot patrol in a neighborhood on Cambridge Street near Rowland Boulevard about a block west of Novato Boulevard, according to police Sgt. James Tross.

The officers noticed a female teenager on a sidewalk who immediately ran away when she saw them, Tross said.

They then contacted several teens in vehicles parked on the street and the youths told them that there was a party at a home in the 1400 block of Cambridge, according to police.

Officers went to the home and contacted the resident, Robert William Nieman, who they found had been allowing his daughter to have a party at the home, police said.

Some of the party guests were seen fleeing over a fence when the officers entered the home, Tross said.

Officers later found alcohol inside the home and determined that minors had consumed some there, police said.

Police issued Nieman a citation for having an unlawful minor gathering at his home on Cambridge Street, according to Tross.

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