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Woman stabbed, robbed in Hayes Valley

San Francisco police are investigating a robbery and stabbing that left a woman injured this morning.

Pedes­trian advocates rally for safety

CITY HALL — A rally called on city leaders to step up their pedestrian safety plans.

Red Sox woo free agent Pablo Sandoval

The Boston Red Sox have reached out to Pablo Sandoval's representatives about a free agent contract.

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  1. Several months ago the Tesla & Bitcoin fan boys were spamming a bunch of hype about the Tesla that was bought with Bitcoins. Beyond all hype, it seems the truth is that it was bought by a crook with dirty money. The Tesla fan boys have been cheering on & supporting organized crime. The Tesla Mafia.

    Blake Benthall is or was an employee of Elon Musk (CEO of SpaceX & Tesla Motors). Allegedly some of the laundered money was used to buy a Tesla. Elon Musk is on record making fraudulent claims about Tesla batteries. Elon Musk & his corporate shill lemmings falsely claim that Tesla batteries are non-toxic, nonhazardous, environmentally friendly & landfill safe.

    According to TESLA Motors, the high voltage battery (lithium-ion battery) can release toxic vapors; including sulfuric acid, oxides of carbon, nickel, aluminum, lithium, copper, & cobalt.

    Tesla fan boys are shills that spams slander, lies, FUD, hate, & ignorance. Tesla fan boys have no credibility & are a laughingstock. lol They ought to be in prisons or/and a mental institutions. They don’t want you to believe experts, instead they want you to believe lying, ignorant shills. They have no clue when it comes to science & technology. They are greedy people don’t care about the environment, safety or truth.

    Tesla fan boys can’t handle the truth.. Tesla fan boys fear & hate truth.

    A few examples of the hate, ignorance & lies the Tesla Mafia has spammed:

    WeaponZero “Lithium ion batteries are non-hazardous in both materials and waste.”

    WeaponZero “lithium ion batteries(non-toxic)”

    WeaponZero “There are no toxic heavy metals in a lithium ion battery”

    WeaponZero “lithium ion batteries do not pose risk if they are land filled”

    WeaponZero “lithium ion batteries are non-toxic”

    WeaponZero “As I mentioned before, heavy metals are not a bad thing just because they are heavy metals. Lithium ion batteries are considered non-toxic. The CEO of BYD even drank one”.

    WeaponZero “if a battery is discharged and not being used, even if compacted there is no issue.”

    WeaponZero “landfill fires have nothing to do with lithium ion batteries”

    WeaponZero “I have done way more research on manufacturing of batteries and heavy metals than you.”

    Peter Gordon “Tesla batteries are 100% non-toxic”

    Peter Gordon “Tesla batteries are 100% non-toxic and declared completely safe for landfill.”

    Peter Gordon “Tesla lithium ion cells contain no heavy metals, nor any toxic materials.”

    WeaponZero “To note, 0 Tesla batteries exploded.”

    WeaponZero “There is 0 Tesla cars at risk of fire.”

    WeaponZero “Actually, those things you see flickering are not battery cells but fireworks.”

    grendal “the car didn’t explode”

    grendal “no car has ever exploded”

    grendal “You also said the car exploded (it did not) and released toxic fumes when neither happened.”

    NΘΘR “This is not even an explosion.”

    CMCNestT . “The battery did not explode.”

    sranger “False, they are fireworks (4th of July after all)”

    Albertico “The car did not explode at all”

    strata8 “Did not explode.”

    Tesla755 “No batteries exploded”

    stopcrazypp “It didn’t actually explode”

    stopcrazypp “the amount of gas expelled is not enough to act like a rocket and carry a cell two stories high”

    Xixo “Teslas were actually not explosions”

    Dave_SRQ “There haven’t been any Tesla Model S recalls.”

    WeaponZero “For this to happen to a lithium ion battery is extremely rare, though more common with lithium polymer batteries.”
    (WeaponZero doesn’t know that lithium polymer is a type of lithium ion battery) lol

    The facts show that Teslas have exploded.

    “Photos: Stolen Tesla Splits In Half And Explodes After Crashing In West Hollywood”

    “The Tesla’s lithium battery exploded into flames that shot up several stories into the air”

    “Video shot from a nearby apartment showed burning lithium batteries popping and sending fiery debris more than three stories into the air”

    “A stolen Tesla speeding up La Brea Avenue at up to 100 miles per hour was sliced in half, and its lithium batteries exploded and burned, in a crash that injured at least six people today”

    “Tesla Model S Explodes After Accident in Mexico”

    The facts are that Tesla batteries are toxic; despite the fraudulent claims by Elon Musk & Tesla shills.

    On page 18 of the 2012-2013 emergency responder guide for the Tesla model S. There are sections on firefighting & fire damage related to the high voltage battery; indicating that the battery can release toxic vapors. Including sulfuric acid, oxides of carbon, nickel, aluminum, lithium, copper & cobalt.

    The leaking chemicals can be so dangerous, that it seems to suggest evacuating civilians from the proximity of a Tesla battery fire & it’s plume of toxic fumes. Emergency responders should wear full protective gear & self-contained breathing equipment to protect themselves from the toxic materials from the Tesla battery.