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Dead man found on lawn of junior college

Police are investigating the death of a male found unresponsive on Santa Rosa Junior College's front lawn this morning.

Giants 2014: From Spring Training to World Series

Enjoy San Francisco's seven-month championship journey — in just three minutes.

Dozens arr­ested in wild Santa Cruz Halloween

Santa Cruz police today said they handled a wild crowd of more than 15,000 people in the downtown area...

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  1. We’ve reviewed “Dear White People” at Resisting Defamation and we note that it falls into the same two traps of ignoring the richly-textured diversity of the diverse white Americans, and it deliberately refuses to refer to us as Americans.

    Were this film other than a part of the anti-white narrative that is so celebrated, it would take care to reference the diversity of each of the demographics involved and have the respect to include “American” in our label. We know media, entertainment, and academia have no problem attaching “American” as a suffix to Asian Americans and African Americans, so we know it is intentional.

    It is strange how every public effort is made, explicitly or implicitly, to suppress mention of our own diversity and nationality while treating us as a “typical white person” as then-US Senator Obama categorized his own grandmother.

    Try a little harder in this era that worships diversity to find it among all demographics along with their nationality.