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SFMTA lands grant for new Muni buses

Muni is getting a boost in its supply of motor coaches after receiving grant funds from the Federal Transit Administration this week.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency will receive approximately $9 million to purchase 12 60-foot motor coaches. The transit agency said that it will be able to convert Muni routes that use 40-foot buses with the longer buses — a cost-effective way of increasing capacity.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx said in a statement Tuesday that the transportation funds will hell residents gain more access to jobs and schools:

“Transportation is about more than getting from one point to another–it’s about getting from where you are to a better life.”

Director of Transportation Ed Reiskin said that the transit agency is aggressively replacing and rehabilitating Muni’s buses, light-rail and historic streetcars:

“We will continue to work aggressively to replace the aging fleet as we have more than 300 buses that need to be replaced over the next several years. These new, longer buses will increase reliability and make for a more spacious ride.”

Funds will come from the FTA’s Ladders of Opportunity Initiative grant, which focuses on funding transportation projects that support modernization and expansion of transit bus service.

The SFMTA was just one of 24 recipients to receive funds from the $100 million grant. Detroit is also receiving $25.9 million to purchase up to 50 hybrid buses, according to the FTA.

The SFMTA projects  that Muni’s new 60-foot buses will be in service by the end of spring 2015.

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