Homeless hygiene: You’re doing it right


Repurposing old things for new challenges is key to not just our society’s survival, but its ability to flourish and grow beyond what we believe is possible.

A cool of example of that is showcased by San Francisco nonprofit LavaMae, which has converted a bus into a station for the homeless to grab a shower and use a clean bathroom.  The bus also provides soap and clean towels.

According to Time, there is some bickering about how this exemplifies the growing gap between rich and poor in The City.

While that’s certainly a problem to address, providing basic comforts like this is a huge step giving more dignity people without homes.

But should we take things a step further? Repurposing vacant buildings or homes? Creating a second-hand network for the benefit of those less fortunate? We’ll see, but a shower is a great place to start.

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