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Wisconsin fugitive nabbed in Fremont

A fugitive from Wisconsin who has been living under an assumed identity in Fremont for several years has been arrested, police said today.

According to Fremont police, William Marcelo Torres, 41, who was living under the false name of William Murillo, was arrested on July 1 at his home in the 4500 block of Alhambra Drive.

Police said Torres has been wanted in Green Bay, Wisconsin since 2008 on suspicion of sexually abusing a child.

On July 1, the Fremont Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit contacted Torres while investigating the status of a vehicle that was registered to a resident in the home.

During that contact, one of the residents provided a name and birth date that did not match the records on file. When officers attempted to clarify the information, they became suspicious and further researched the man’s identity.

A records check of Torres revealed the false name and the 2008 warrant.

Detectives contacted police in Green Bay and learned that the suspect had been arrested in 2008 but posted bail and fled Wisconsin. Investigators believe that Torres has been hiding in Fremont for several years.

Torres was booked at the Fremont Police Department Detention Facility and is awaiting extradition to Wisconsin.

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