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Unknown do-gooder buys others’ groceries

A lucky group of shoppers at a Grocery Outlet in Concord on Tuesday went home with bags full of groceries thanks to one man’s random act of kindness.

The man approached a manager at the store at 1840 Willow Pass Road around 4 p.m. and asked if he could pay for customers’ purchases, store manager Kevin Thomas said.

To the surprise of about half a dozen customers, the man stood at the registers and offered to pay their groceries, spending between $400 and $500 in total, the manager said.

“They were very appreciative,” Thomas said.

“He didn’t give a reason” for his generosity but “just wanted to do it,” the manager said.

Thomas said that while he and his co-workers have heard about such random acts of kindness at other retailers, this was the first time it had happened at their store.

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