49ers and Raiders eye supple­mental draft prospect


There’s no such thing as too many pass rushers. That’s how most teams feel, the 49ers and Raiders being no different.

Both Bay Area teams were in attendance at a workout for defensive end LaKendrick Ross Monday night in Lynchburg, Virginia. Ross, who carries character concerns, will be available during Thursday’s supplemental NFL Draft.

The NFL conducts its supplemental draft each year for players who either missed the filing deadline for the regular draft or experience issues which affect their college eligibility.

Just because it’s not the Radio City draft doesn’t mean there’s not talent. Terrelle Pryor was Oakland’s last supplemental selection, picked in 2011 as subsequently Al Davis’ last draftee.

49ers outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks was taken during the third round of the 2006 supplemental draft.

Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns was also taken in the supplemental draft, though his current addiction problems may have steered teams away from the process.

There’s good reason both Bay Area teams — along with nine others — are showing interest in Ross. He’s 6-foot-5, at least 320 pounds, and reportedly ran a 4.51 hand-timed 40-yard-dash.

Any team that takes a player during the supplemental draft will lose a corresponding draft pick during the next season’s draft.

Ross has played just one college season, in 2012. He was slated to play in 2011 but was ruled ineligible due to poor academics. Same story in 2013, and this year, according to reports.

The 49ers have their share of pass rushers and treasure their picks during the regular draft, so it’s unlikely they’d add Ross this late in the offseason. The Raiders, though, can use all the help they can get and appear more likely to pull the trigger.

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