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Sunday meter enforcement ends as fines rise

This Sunday will mark the first Sunday that drivers in San Francisco will not have to feed the parking meters.

The new fiscal year began July 1, which means a slew of City fee increases took effect. It also ends The City’s attempt to enforce parking meters between noon to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

City transit officials voted in April to end Sunday parking meter enforcement when they approved their two-year budget.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s board of the directors, who approved enforcing meters on Sundays in 2012, decided to cease enforcement after Mayor Ed Lee made it clear to the transit agency that he wanted it to end.

Transit advocates attempted to bring back Sunday parking meter enforcement by filing an environmental appeal, but were unsuccessful. Advocates said the transit agency loses out on revenue by doing away with enforcement. The transit agency had projected to earn about $11 million per year.

Meters though will still be enforced on Sundays in areas controlled by the Port of San Francisco, including the Fisherman’s Wharf area.

Also taking effect are various neighborhood parking fees, which all went up by $1. Contractor permit fees went up as well as temporary street closure fees for events like block parties or street fairs.

Drivers might want to also take note that a number of citations and fines have gone up. Street cleaning fines went from $64 to $66. Drivers parked at an expired parking meter in the downtown area will now get a $76 ticket, also a $2 increase.

Fines for parking in red, yellow and white zones all increased by $3.

Muni adult single-cash fares and adult Muni-only and BART combination passes will also go up, but not until Sept. 1.

View full list of fines, fees and fare increases (PDF).

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