Golden State stays silent on Draft Day


OAKLAND — One of the most anticipated NBA Draft classes in recent history whizzed by Thursday and the Warriors had no part of it.

Not that they had much of a choice. Last year Golden State traded both their first-round and second-round picks while acquiring Andre Iguodala and Nemanja Nedovic.

So, with zero picks, the Warriors’ night finished with zero excitement.

Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker — along with the litany of other promising prospects — went to the other teams in the the league as speculation stirred about whether the Warriors would make a move for before nights end.

But nothing happened.

Warriors general manager Bob Myers said the bottom line was there wasn’t much wiggle room:

“We were prepared to do a lot of different things but without a pick and without any money to spend our options were some what limited. “

With the first-round well underway, Marcus Thompson reported the Warriors were expressing interest in making a trade for former Warrior Jeremy Lin.

But again, nothing happened.

Myers, not acknowledging any specific conversation or player, told SFBay that while many calls were made, nothing was exciting enough to risk future picks:

“A lot of the trades you’re discussing involve picks and future picks. … Although we have 2015 and 2016 firsts we’re trying to hang on to those and keep them so we don’t have as boring of a night as we did tonight.”

Once the draft wrapped up, the Warriors front office immediately took to the phones, speaking with the agents of players that went undrafted.

Myers said the Warriors are now looking toward the NBA Summer League and the prospects that will be available:

“There’s some we like. Some that came through here and worked out here and we think we can grab somebody, we got [Kent] Bazemore that way. There’s a chance you can find somebody. It’s unlikely, and low odds, but we’re going to try to see if there’s someone out there that can help us.”

For those with Love on their mind — Kevin Love that is — Myers continues to say a big trade is unlikely but that anything is possible and conversations are always ongoing.

Now the only thing left to do is wait until negotiations can start for free agency, which begins on July 1.

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