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Colin Kaepernick escapes rush to judgment

There will be no charges stemming from a suspicious incident involving San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other football players in a Miami apartment in April, according to a thorough police report released today by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office.

There was no evidence that a woman found early on the morning of April 2 incoherent and screaming about demons had been sexually assaulted in an apartment rented by Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette at a Miami hotel, according to the report.

Investigators looked into the possibility that she had been drugged, but despite her bizarre behavior, no drugs were found in her system except alcohol, marijuana and drugs administered in a hospital after she was pulled from the apartment on a stretcher.

The woman had previously admitted to police that she had been drinking and smoking with Kaepernick and 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton in Lockette’s apartment, according to an initial police report released in April.

She said that she went to a bedroom with Kaepernick and was kissing him and taking off her clothes when he got up and left the room and said he would be “right back.”

According to the April report, she said that Lockette and Patton then peeked into the room and she asked, “Where’s Colin?” She said she didn’t remember anything else before waking up in a hospital.

A statement given to police by Kaepernick’s attorney said the quarterback met the woman last year at an Atlanta nightclub and had sex with her then, but stopped communication and changed his phone number when she told him on April Fool’s Day in 2013 that she was pregnant with his child.

She attempted to communicate with him via social media for the next year, then got in touch with Lockette and came to see him when she found out that he and Kaepernick would be in Miami.

Kaepernick’s statement said that he was in a bedroom when Lockette invited the woman over and she did not know he was there. He came out to greet some other people he had invited over.

His statement said that after seeing Kaepernick, the woman went into the bedroom and took off her clothes. She then wrapped herself in a comforter and came out to confront a woman Kaepernick was talking to on the apartment’s balcony. Kaepernick then left the apartment.

A second statement from the woman repeated her story about kissing Kaepernick but confirmed that she came out of the bedroom naked and wrapped in a sheet to confront another woman Kaepernick was speaking to. She told the other woman it was not safe for her to be there, according to the report.

She then went back into the bedroom and blacked out. Hotel staff interviewed by investigators said that they were called when the woman refused to leave the bedroom.

According to the report, when she was told that Kaepernick was no longer in the apartment, she started to pray and when police arrived, she began flailing her arms and legs and banging her head violently against a wall while screaming about Jesus and devils.

She was removed from the apartment on a stretcher and remained uncooperative when she got to the hospital and had to be medicated to calm her down, according to the report. Investigators checked her for drugs but found nothing but the marijuana and alcohol that she had admitted to using.

Physical examinations found no indication of injury or rape, according to the report.

Kaepernick had commented on the incident via Twitter in April shortly after news reports linked him to a possible sexual assault:

— Scott Morris, Bay City News

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