Kap’s rich deal leaves cash for teammates


Once news broke that quarterback Colin Kaepernick agreed to a deal as high as $126 million, some 49ers fans reacted cantankerously, filling the waves of social media with outrage.

Some thought it was too much. Some worried that other players won’t be kept around, that salary cap limitations could come into play.

But Kaepernick contends his contract allows the 49ers to hold onto other prized players:

“Part of the way the contract is written and the way it was negotiated was so they would be able to sign other players. That was something that my agents and the organization worked out and they felt like this was something they would be able to get other players with.”

It’s not uncommon these days for contract numbers, particularly for quarterbacks, to be blown out of proportion. Most contracts include incentives for performance or simply showing up for voluntary activities.

And Kaepernick would certainly prefer Vernon Davis to be on his team, and not in Seattle.

Kaepernick said:

“There have been too many people that have helped me get to this position, from the organization to my family to coach (Jim) Harbaugh, Paraag (Marathe) working on the deal, my agents being there, the coaches along the way, even Alex Smith, the time I spent with him. I don’t think I would have been able to be at this point so quickly if he hadn’t been such a great mentor to me and helped me along with things. So, I’m very grateful for my teammates as well. I wouldn’t be here without them.”

The team announced Kaepernick’s extension in the early afternoon, and it didn’t take pundits long to weigh in. A large number were initially negative, but contract specifics have yet to be disclosed.

Kaepernick, in addition to alluding to the extension allowing roster flexibility, mentioned that the only thing he wants to do right now it to win a Super Bowl.

And while there will always be skeptics, that he’s started less than 30 games, Kaepernick offered this:

“Well, I guess the only thing I can say is I’m going to work to try and make sure I’m worth every penny of this. I’m going to try to win as many games as possible and help this team win as many games as possible. And, I think that’s something I feel like I can do.”

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