Fugitive shares struggles via social media


An apparent suicide note written by explosives suspect Ryan Chamberlain was made public today after being posted online to an iCloud account.

In the note, which was released via a delayed post using the social media tool Hootsuite, Chamberlain goes into details about his struggles with lingering depression that began in his childhood.

The letter reads like a suicide note, though a post made to Chamberlain’s Twitter account earlier this morning  seems to dispute law enforcement reports that label him as violent.

Chamberlain, 42, was able to elude capture last week when his San Francisco residence was raided by the FBI for suspicion of possessing explosives.

Chamberlain’s note describes Chamberlain’s inability to be recognized in the workplace and by women, his loneliness, and his decaying personal relationships that left him to explore his “morbid fantasies.”

Although Chamberlain states that he was “finding ways to put and end to what I was going through,” he does not mention taking action against or harming those who have hurt him.

This is in contrast to the statement that FBI spokesmen Peter Lee released in which he claimed that Chamberlain is armed and dangerous while possibly being equipped with explosives.

Although he was able to elude capture momentarily, Chamberlain also goes on to signify that he knows his time is running short.

“Some of the activity seemed to attract the attention of some visitors today … Who have made it rather evident that this is the end of the line for me.”

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