Hunter Pence offers reward for stolen scooter


San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence is offering a no-questions asked reward for the return of his trusty scooter, which was stolen outside of Epic Roasthouse on the Embarcadero Sunday night.

Following an outcry of support from fans across The City after initially reporting the theft on his Twitter account, Pence is now offering a signed bobblehead — which depicts the outfielder riding the stolen scooter — for anyone who steps forward with the stolen item.

Though Pence and his newly acquired $90 million contract could easily replace the scooter, the outfielder told Giants beat writer Andrew Baggarly that it has sentimental value to him:

“It was one of my favorite things that I have. I’m grateful for stuff, but aside from my baseball equipment and my scooter, and maybe my laptop, there are not many (possessions) that I care about.”

The scooter has become a part of Pence’s image as a member of the San Francisco Giants. After initially receiving the scooter in July of 2012 — just three weeks after joining the team — Pence has used it as his main mode of transportation to and from AT&T Park during home stands.

Pence’s SoMa residence isn’t far from the park, and he  has stated his disdain for the thought of taking an alternate mode of transportation to games:

“Yeah, I can’t fathom driving for some reason. I really enjoy my ride down the Embarcadero.” 

Not only did the scooter thief pick the wrong item to hijack due to the amount of publicity Pence’s stolen property has attracted, but it also apparently has a rare battery charger, making the robber’s use of the vehicle very limited.

“It won’t last very long. I try to trust people. Apparently somebody needed it more than I do.”

After manager Bruce Bochy said his outfielder entered the clubhouse with a sad look on his face this morning, it’s safe to say that we know who to blame if Pence struggles during this week’s series against the Cubs.

But even though Pence is offering a no-questions asked reward for the return of his scooter, the slugger’s subconscious is not as cordial:

“I did have a dream that I saw someone riding it and I tackled him. You can’t control your dreams.”

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