Know This Love: The wacky night


Love is born into such diverse bodies.

I’ve been in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend since October.  We’ll close the distance in August when I move to California, and we see each other every other month, but it’s really tough at times.

We miss each other terribly  We want more closeness, more intimacy, more of the things we can’t do over the phone, like going out to dinner, cuddling, or just watching TV together.

Nothing compares to actual physical presence.  And yet one of the most freeing, fulfilling moments I’ve experienced with her came a few nights ago when we were just chatting on Facebook.

She was being silly and posting all kinds of random, zany Facebook emoticons.  No, she wasn’t drunk — she was just having fun!

We all take ourselves so damn seriously — it’s like an addiction that we can’t break because, well, we kind of like it.

And for what?  We’re all going to die sooner or later.  That night, my girlfriend pulled me from my pains and worries and into the joy of being ridiculous and downright wacky.

Love is as much about freedom to be loose, unhinged, unworried about judgment from ourselves or from others, as it is about romance or marriage.

That moment we shared was freeing and beautiful, love in such an unexpected form.  I’m not sure I would have traded it for anything.

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