Accused cannibal killed by police after attack


Yes. You read that headline correctly.

18-year old Oscar Hererra was killed by a Dublin police officer Sunday night after he allegedly attacked a friend in a separate incident earlier Saturday night in Livermore, telling his friend he was going to eat him.

Dublin Police Chief Tom McCarthy told KTVU about the strange incident:

“He got into a fight with his friend and it appeared he might have been under the influence of methamphetamine or something else. Mr. Herrera was actually threatening to eat his friend.”

Oscar Hererra was shot and killed Sunday night after police say the deranged Herrera wielded a metal baseball bat toward an officer’s head.

The officer believed his life to be in immediate danger and shot Herrera four times, killing him.

Hererra’s friend, Nate Maratea, told CBS-SF that Hererra also lost his mind on Saturday night after he took some meth:

“He was just like clawing at me and reaching in my mouth and my nose, just trying to yank skin off. We started wrestling and he started scratching my face and stuff.  He was trying to gouge me so I threw him to the ground.  … And I was like, I’m going to call the police.”

Maratea still has scratches and cuts all over his face and neck area:

“He was deranged and he was just spitting blood everywhere.”

Livermore police found Hererra after the incident covered in blood. He immediately began fighting police who had to use a Taser to restrain and transport him to the local hospital.

Hererra then had his mother pick him up Sunday morning against doctors orders. Ironically police were called to Hererra’s house on Sunday after hearing that he was being physical with his mother, pushing her possibly because he was going through detox.

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