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Stunt plane crashes at Travis Air Force Base

What was supposed to be fun for all ages turned to shock, horror and surprise in just a few seconds.

Late Sunday afternoon a biplane crashed while performing acrobatic maneuvers during an airshow at Travis Air Base in Fairfield.

According to Morgan Harrison, who lives on base and saw the crash from her bedroom window, it was incredibly sudden:

“One of the stunt pilots who was performing in the air crashed on the flight-line and black smoke came up everywhere. They canceled the show and they are evacuating all the civilians off base.”

The biplane is believed to have been flown by long-time stunt pilot Eddie Andreini. Photos with the plane’s tail number match with one that appears on Andreini’s website. Officials have yet to confirm the identity of the deceased.

Andreini was flying his 1944 Super Stearman modified with a 450 horsepower engine and other stunt accessories. Andrieni’s website notes that the performance requires 20 gallons of 100 octane fuel.

In a post to the Travis Air Force Base Facebook page, base officials issued this message:

“The Travis Air Expo has been cancelled due to the aircraft crash of an aerial performer. Guests of the base should comply with Security Forces instruction to exit the installation. Security Forces requests for individuals to provide photo and video footage of the crash to assist in the investigation.”

Call 424-2000 for more information about providing photos or videos to assist with the investigation.

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