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San Francisco coffee is so hot right now

Like most large American cities, San Francisco is known for having a plethora of coffee shops, and apparently even a few that aren’t Starbucks.

Some of them are damn good too.

Food and drink website The Daily Meal released its annual list of America’s best coffee shops. San Francisco has three selections on this year’s list, including at No. 3 overall, Saint Frank Coffee in Russian Hill.

Ritual Coffee Roasters, with three locations in The City, came in at  No. 17. Fourbarrel, also with multiple San Francisco locations, rounded out the top 30.

Reigning world and national barista champions, Pete Licata and Park Brannen respectively, as well as the editor of Baristia magazine, helped Daily Meal compile the list.

Experts and coffee bloggers, roasters, shop owners and baristas also helped pick this year’s best shops. Selection was based on the quality of coffee, barista skills, overall experience/atmosphere, availability and quality of food.

Last year’s rankings included only one SF coffee shop, Ritual Coffee Roasters at  No. 8.

Not surprisingly, New York boasted the most coffee shops on the list with 10, including No. 1 overall selection Everyman Espresso, which unseated last year’s champ (No. 4 this year), Philadelphia’s Ultimo Coffee.

Los Angeles’ Go Get Em Tiger took second place with Peregrine Espresso in the nation’s capital completing the top five.

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