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Colin Kaepernick linked to Miami investi­gation

The 49ers have not been strangers to off-the-field incidents involving police this spring, though not like this.

Mere weeks after 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver was arrested on various felony charges, quarterback Colin Kaepernick came under scrutiny, being named in an incident report filed by the Miami police department.

When contacted by SFBay, Miami police said they would not release a statement or any additional details except for the report taken by detectives.

The report comes from the Miami Special Investigation unit, which is normally involved in cases of sexual assault. Though the police have been involved and are investigating the matter, there are no charges, nor any allegations being made against Kaepernick.

Though the online gossip website first reported that Kaepernick is being investigated for ‘sexual assualt,’ the report taken by police was merely an ‘incident report,’ and the woman — whose name is being withheld — doesn’t seem to remember much about the evening.

According to the incident report, the woman was with Kaepernick and current and former 49ers wide receivers Quinton Patton and Ricardo Lockette. The four were hanging out in Lockette’s Miami apartment, enjoying adult beverages while in proximity to a bong and some marijuana.

The report states that she was told her that in order to take some shots, she had to hit the bong first. There was no information regarding whether the unnamed woman — or anyone else in the room — actually smoked any marijuana.

According to police, she went to a bedroom to lay down. Kaepernick — who the report said had previously had a sexual relationship with the woman — followed and the two began kissing as Kaepernick undressed her.

She told police that Kaepernick left the room, telling her he would be right back. Then, Patton and Lockette peeked into the room before she told them to leave.

That was the last thing she remembered before waking up at a local hospital.

The 49ers released a statement Thursday, saying:

“The 49ers organization is aware of the recent media report regarding Colin Kaepernick and is in the process of gathering the pertinent facts.”

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