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Security cameras jump aboard North Bay buses

Almost every Golden Gate Transit bus will be equipped with security cameras within two years.

The Golden Gate Bridge District’s Finance-Auditing Committee accepted an $800,000 state grant on Thursday funded by Proposition 1B.

Golden Gate Transit will use those funds with an additional $100,000 in federal grants to install security cameras in 175 of the 180 Golden Gate Transit buses by 2016.

Golden Gate spokeswoman Mary Currie said the cameras will provide more safety for passengers:

“The cameras mean somebody is watching. It’s a safer environment for our passengers. It’s a deterrent to crime.”

This new system will replace antiquated camera technology where staff must go to a bus and plug into the camera system to get a video. The new system will allow remote downloads.

Steve Miller, director of maintenance for the bus division, is concerned with the current security on buses. Miller said:

“There have been some reliability issues. The new equipment will also allow more advanced monitoring of the system.”

About 75 percent of Golden Gate Transit’s buses are already outfitted with some type of security camera system. Most of the buses have eight cameras.

Approximately 22,000 people ride Golden Gate Transit each day in the Bay Area.

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