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Arena football tries on helmet cameras

New technology is giving fans of high-octane Arena Football the ability to see the field as the players do without taking all the hits.

Ready to make it’s debut for the 2014 season, SVI’s Schutt Vision technology will allow in-game footage to be captured from a camera situated on the nose bumper of player’s helmets.

Unlike other popular, externally mounted cameras popular in action sports today, SVI is the first company to successfully integrate a high-definition camera into the helmet itself, offering players, coaches and fans the ability to see the game through the eyes of the athlete.

Every Arena Football League including the San Jose SaberCats will be given two helmets, one for an offensive player and one for a defensive player, giving viewers the ability to experience play on each side of the ball.

Teams will also be given discretion as to whom they choose to wear the helmets each game.

The helmet cameras are expected enhance the fan experience both in arenas and during nationally televised broadcasts, said AFL Commissioner Jerry B. Kurz in a statement:

“The AFL has always taken pride in pushing the sports broadcasting envelope and we believe Schutt Vision will continue that tradition.”

On top of giving viewers a new perspective on the game, Schutt Vision will also give players and coaches the ability to analyze practice and game footage like never before, offering new insights into player’s styles and tendencies and allowing for a more personalized level of individual training.

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