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Childish Gambino cancels Oakland opener

FOX THEATER — After months of anticipation, Donald Glover’s premiere for The Deep Web Tour was cancelled tonight in Oakland.

The Renaissance man known for his comedic work in Community and his latest revolutionary piece of art, Because the Internet (a traditional rap album laced with an existential screenplay), said the following about the cancellation via Twitter:

The aforementioned “technical difficulties” likely emanate from the interactive app (Deep Web) designed to accompany the performance.

If this unfortunate cancellation is any indication, Gambino and company are clearly working to create a wholly unique and inventive musical experience for us.

Unfortunately, Gambino’s sincere sentiments seemed to be not enough to pacify the large, rowdy crowd at the Fox Theater, which wrapped around the back and into the front.

Audible frustration aplenty, ticket holders stood in line for many minutes after the announcement, flabbergasted and galvanized by what they just read.

On the upside, Gambino — in an attempt to makeup for the gaffe — strategically rescheduled the Oakland concert on May 6, making it the final show of his tour.

Lets hope he ends with a bang, and not a whimper.

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