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Malicious meatballs worry SF dog owners

The mysterious meatballs that terrorized San Francisco dog owners last year were spotted this week in a new neighborhood.

Four raw meatballs were found at 855 La Playa St. in San Francisco’s Richmond District on Sunday.  This comes after 32 possibly poisoned meatballs were discovered last weekend in the Twin Peaks area.

Investigators have not confirmed exactly what if any toxins are in this round of potentially dangerous treats, but these meatballs are strikingly similar to ones laced with rat poison that killed one dog and sickened many others last July.

Signs warning dog walkers about the potential hazards can be seen everywhere in the Twin Peaks area near Crestline and Parkridge Drives.

Dorothy Schechter, whose dog Oskar died after eating a laced meatball, described to KGO-TV her horror last weekend when her dog A.J. found what he thought was a tasty treat during a walk:

“I pulled them out right away and I realized, oh my God, it’s the meatballs again.”

This second wave of menacing meat treats has already led to reports of three dogs getting sick.

SF police did not arrest anyone in connection with last summer’s meatballs, and do not currently have any leads. Sgt. Danielle Newman told CBS-SF that police are investigating all strange meatball related discoveries as one case.

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