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Doggie Diner heads looking for lifeline

We promise not to go all Sarah McLachlan and show you tearjerker photos of fading, crumbling fiberglass just to stir you to action.

But seriously: The Doggie Diner heads need your help.

For decades, nothing made a chili dog in San Francisco more palatable than the giant smiling dachsund heads that graced the front entrance of every Doggie Diner location.

The Doggie Diner heads so appealed to the public that they went on to a long life after the chain closed in 1986.

The Ex’s Vince Echavaria talked to John Law, the heads’ current caretaker, who said years of public display have taken their toll.

This week, Law began a Kickstarter campaign, seeking $48,000 to restore the Doggie Diner heads to their once-proud glory:

“These things are going to look like they did when they were brand new 50 years ago.”

Law hopes to raise $48,000 by Feb. 8. 181 backers had pledged $9,234 by early Wednesday morning.

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