A fresh spin through the old Stick


As the big clock in the sky winds down on Candlestick Park, take time to tour some of The Stick’s most sacred spots — like you’ve never seen them before.

• Launch 360-degree video tour

Join Candlestick Park stadium chief Michael Gay, 49ers locker room manager Bob Mallamo and a throng of Bay Area media on an immersive video journey through Candlestick Park.

Photos by Scot Tucker/SFBay

Produced by SFBay staff, these 360-degree videos place you in the middle of Candlestick’s locker rooms, tunnels and field, including the spot of “The Catch” in 1982.

Video by Jesse Garnier/SFBay

49ers locker room

Visitors locker room

Tunnel to field

Former Giants dugout

Under the East Stands

Site of ‘The Catch’

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