‘Classless’ Dodgers take celebration too far


The inevitable happened. The Los Angeles Dodgers won the National League West crown on Thursday in Arizona.

They partook in the customary on-field celebration, then doused each other in champagne and beer in the visiting clubhouse. An appropriate celebration for the first step of what they hope will be a long October run.

But then the team full of veterans decided that wasn’t enough.

Reports started to trickle out that a large number of Dodgers players ran out to the swimming pool in the right-center field stands at Chase Field and were jumping and swimming in the pool.

When word got back to Diamondbacks players, including infielder Willie Bloomquist, they were understandably upset:

This act by the Dodgers comes a day after the Diamondbacks reportedly requested that the Dodgers not return to the field after the clubhouse celebration. Maybe the Dodgers players heard about the strange request from the host team and this was their way of giving them the middle finger.

One Diamondback player wasn’t bothered by the Dodgers’ celebration.

If the Dodgers had a pool at Dodgers Stadium and they clinched at home, no one would have a problem if they jumped in. But in another team’s ballpark? Bloomquist used to the perfect word: classless.

If anybody needed another reason to hate the Dodgers, they just gave it to you. Let’s hope they lose in the first round and the swimming pool celebration is the only celebration they get.

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