Severed foot washes ashore on Ocean Beach


Something’s afoot on Ocean Beach, and brace yourself — it’s an actual foot.

On Sunday morning, a lone human foot was found washed up on Ocean Beach inside a Puma sneaker, size 11-1/2.

According to the National Park Service beach patrol, someone had reported the finding near Taraval Street in the Outer Sunset. Mark Powning, an investigator with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, said the foot appears to have been severed some time ago.

He told SFGate:

“What we have is a human foot, with some associated tissue, inside of a shoe. It probably was rolling around the seabed for awhile.”

No signs of the rest of the body were found — but judging from the size and style of the shoe, we can at least rule out it wasn’t the mate for this foot that washed up in New Jersey last month.

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