Court­house sting nabs drivers after they leave court


They’re either brazen or just plain dumb.

A handful of Sonoma County residents who weren’t supposed to be driving probably wish they had picked a better place to get behind the wheel of a car.

Santa Rosa police say as part of a sting operation, officers on Tuesday staked out the Sonoma County Courthouse and followed eleven people out of the courthouse who had been ordered by a judge not to drive, or had their drivers license suspended.

Santa Rosa police Sgt. Brad Conners says of the eleven people — who were in court for face DUI charges or some other driving-related charge — five got into a car and drove away.

Those five people were stopped by officers waiting nearby and arrested for driving on a suspended license.

In announcing the arrests, Santa Rosa police Sgt. Brad Conners said:

“Those arrested today could face additional jail time, long driver license suspensions, along with other financial hits including attorney fees, court costs, lost time at work, and the potential loss of job or job prospects.”

Of those caught in the sting, Conners says one of them — 32-year-old Jose Fabela of Santa Rosa — has two prior convictions for DUI and two prior convictions for driving on a suspended license.

Another person arrested — 23-year-old Maya Driggers of Sonoma — has a prior conviction for driving on a suspended license.

Conners says besides facing new charges, all five had their cars impounded for 30 days.

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