Raiders ranked last in NFL team valuations


Ah, the Oakland Raiders. They’re the only NFL team still playing football on a baseball diamond and fans have the national reputation of being gangsters and hoodlums.

Forbes published their estimated NFL team values this week, and it appears both of those factors worked against the Raiders.

The team whose famed motto is “Commitment to Excellence” ranked dead last in NFL valuations — $825 million — and that was with a five percent increase in total value.

For owner Mark Davis — who has been rumored to have never wanted the Raiders as his own — this might mean that his wishes don’t matter. Or just aren’t financially wise.

The Raiders’ value came in at $15 million less than the second-to-last place runner up, Jacksonville Jaguars. What makes this list even more interesting is that the Detroit Lions actually had an operating loss — the only NFL team with such misfortune.

Forbes cited a smaller market share, splitting the Bay Area fanship with the 49ers (who were ranked 10th at $1.2 billion) and a larger than average debt-to-income ratio. Forbes added:

“The Raiders have not had a winning season since 2002 and have cycled through seven different head coaches since then.”

According to Forbes, the Raiders only brought in $229 million in revenue last year, which pails in comparison to the Dallas Cowboys’ $539 million.

For the full list, click here.

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