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$1.5 million in pot plants seized in Suisun City

A 22-year-old man is in serious trouble with the law after authorities say they seized hundreds of marijuana plants with a street value of nearly $1.5 million from a Suisun City home.

Police went to the home after getting a call from a “concerned citizen” who reported seeing suspicious activity at the home.

Arriving Suisun City officers smelled a strong odor of marijuana, so they notified drug agents with two area drug enforcement task teams, who obtained warrants and went to search the house.

Once the drug agents were inside on Tuesday they say they found 485 marijuana plants and 15 ounces of processed marijuana.

Authorities also say they found work had been done on the home to help grow the marijuana.

Solano County Deputy Daryl Snedeker, a spokesman for the department, told SFBay:

“This grow is not the largest we have seen in Solano County but is significant in size due to the amount of plants found inside. The house had two of its rooms strictly dedicated and modified for growing marijuana. There were interior walls added, an air filtration system installed, and the PG&E had been re-routed around the meter to avoid paying for the electricity necessary to run the grow lighting.”

 During the raid, authorities arrested Arthur Creggett on suspicion of cultivation of marijuana and possession off marijuana. He was  booked into Solano County Jail and was later released after posting $15,000.00 bail.

Authorities later determined the home was uninhabitable and Pacific Gas & Electric was called to the residence to disconnect the power.

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