‘Landlords from hell’ face time behind bars


A San Francisco couple known as the “landlords from hell” will be going to prison after pleading guilty to charges they terrorized tenants they wanted out of their apartment building.

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon says 38-year-old Kip Macy and his wife, 37-year-old Nicole Macy, will each be sentenced four years and four months after they pleaded guilty to burglary, stalking and attempted grand theft charges.

Between September 2005 and December 2007, Gascon says the Macys used illegal tactics to evict tenants from their three-story building on Clementina Street in The City’s South of Market district.

The couple are accused of burglarizing apartments, cutting phone lines and shutting off utilities. They once even used a power saw to cut a hole in the floor of an apartment while the tenant was inside.

Gascon says Nicole Macy also had a worker board up the windows of one apartment while the tenant was home. Another tenant had their beds, clothes and electronics soaked with ammonia.

The Macys were arrested in 2008, but fled to Italy after posting bail.

In May of last year they were arrested in Italy, then extradited to the U.S. and brought back to San Francisco last month.

In announcing the Macys’ guilty pleas Wednesday, Gascon said:

“The actions of these defendants are so outlandish and brazen that it sounds like the plot line of a horror movie. … This case shows you cannot flee this country and avoid the consequences of your actions. These defendants will be held fully accountable for their crimes.”

The Macys are due to be sentenced on August 22. As part of their sentencing they will receive two “strikes” under the state’s Three Strikes Law.

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