Last call for Haight Street parklet


One of the first parklets in San Francisco will be transformed back into a parking space next month if the SF Department of Public Works gets its way.

DPW ordered the removal of the parklet outside Haight Street pub Martin Macks this week, marking one of the first times the department has issued such an order, according to the Examiner.

A parklet is created when parking spaces get repurposed into small public areas. Though generally sponsored by a neighboring business, the areas must remain open to the public.

The space on Haight between Ashbury and Clayton has come under fire from neighborhood residents, claiming it attracts an unwanted element, isn’t pretty and has been poorly maintained.

The parklet is made up of of brick planters that sit on top of a wooden deck. It first opened during 2011 as part of The City’s pilot program, but a change in Martin Macks’ ownership translated into maintenance problems for the park.

A dispute between the property and bar owners over who should care for the park didn’t help matters, while fines accumulated for smoking in the parklet and other violations.

Residents complained that human shit and trash collected in the parklet, which also has drainage problems and crumbling bricks. Some also allege that the former owners used it as an extension of their bar, which is against the rules, the Ex reported.

Public Works said the pub has 15 days to appeal the decision or removal of the parklet could begin in July. If an appeal is filed, action to remove the park will cease until a decision can be made.

The department said the bar could also apply for a new parklet.

The new owners have made some improvements including removing overhead lattices and planting flowers, but have stopped working on it until a decision is reached about its future.

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