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Elderly women barely escape flaming limo

Last month a nightmare limo fire killed five women on the San Mateo Bridge.

Sunday morning, a group of women — most in their 90s on walkers and canes — narrowly escaped the same fate.

The group of ten were on their way to a friend’s 96th birthday party in Sonoma when their resting limo started smoking at around 11:30 a.m.

The 2007 Lincoln Town Car, which sat idling on Walnut Creek’s Skycrest Drive, burst into flames seconds later.

Within moments of smelling smoke, the passengers immediately sprung into action.

According to nearby resident Judy Beck, two caregivers on hand dashed to the doors and began helping the rest of the party exit the car.

Caretaker Mary Chapman told KGO-TV she remembered last month’s fatal limo fire and is grateful their vehicle wasn’t moving or on the freeway when fire erupted:

“[When] I looked out there were red flames all over the place and black smoke. And now you can see the result.”

And the result is pretty intense.

The limo, just three years old, is completely charred inside, with seats melted down to their metal frames.

San Francisco-based TownCar SF rented out the limo. Owner Claudus Oliveira told KGO-TV the vehicle has been inspected frequently and well-maintained:

“I’m speechless because this is a new car. You can see my tires — brand new tires. I keep great records of the cars.”

Walnut Creek police continue to investigate the incident. So far, no criminal activity has been found.

And yes, all the women made it to the party.

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