San Francisco stays cool while inland swelters


This is a great weekend for San Francisco residents to get out and about — but stay in The City.

Get out and enjoy a bit of The City’s natural air conditioner over the weekend, especially while people in the North Bay, East Bay and inland areas will be suffering in temperatures of 100 degrees and hotter.

The National Weather Service says breezy winds blowing off the Pacific and across the Bay will keep high temperatures in the 70s during the day in San Francisco on Saturday, while some patchy fog and low clouds will keep things even a bit cooler Sunday.

But inland areas — without the benefit of a marine layer or winds blowing off the water — are expected to see record, or at least close to record high temperatures.

Forecasters say the mercury hit 103 in Livermore Friday afternoon.  In Oakland the temperature rose to 86, but by comparison, Friday’s high  in downtown San Francisco was a balmy 66 degrees.

Higher temperatures are expected throughout the inland areas on Saturday, with forecasters saying temperatures will approach 100 degrees in East Bay cities. It could get as hot as 110 degrees in parts of Napa County.

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