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Sumo-sized voter guide gets fat and pricey

You may want to opt out of receiving the San Francisco voter guide by mail this fall’s election. That is, unless you want a 500-page ballot guide sitting on your doorstep.

To give you an idea of what’s in store, San Francisco Elections Chief John Arntz gave this description to SFGate:

“It’s going to look like a phone book.”

The supersized voter guide will be the biggest and most expensive The City has ever seen, thanks to a referendum on the height of 8 Washington waterfront luxury condo development.

The section, which spans for more than 500 pages, must be published in all its glory under city law. So get ready for a thrilling page turner filled with non-stop action from the Planning Commission, Board of Supervisors’ hearings and even studies on the shadows the condos will cast, according to SFGate.

CBS-SF reports that election officials will try to shrink the text as much as possible to squeeze in the voter guide. However, it’s still going to cost about $1.8 million to print.

To help save The City some money — and your eyesight in the process — you may want to access the voter guide online instead. If you fill out this form by Sept. 16, you can opt out entirely of receiving costly paper voting materials.

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