Stuck-up America’s Cup ban food trucks


As America’s Cup approaches, organizers have announced they will accept applications for all types of food vendors — except food trucks.

Commence crying wet soggy tears into your handmade BBQ fusion taco you found at this week’s Off the Grid.

The vendor applications specifically state that they will not allow any food trucks to be stationed in the America’s Cup Park at Piers 27 and 29 or the America’s Cup Village at Marina Green. Leaving us to wonder where will all these hungry tourists get their cupcake fix or their daily dose of dumplings?

We can understand The City’s wish to keep America’s Cup classy as possible, though prohibiting food trucks seems an odd choice considering they have become a San Francisco staple.

Levy Premium Foodservice, a Chicago-based company, is in charge of finding food and drink vendors offering “upscale food” — including a separate champagne bar — for America’s Cup events.

The company told the SF Business Times that while they will give preference to local vendors that “commit to using existing local San Francisco residents,” food trucks are out of the question.

Director of public relations for the America’s Cup, Tim Jeffery, told the Business Times they have used food trucks in several of America’s Cup’s events throughout the past year “and that was a very successful arrangement.”

SF Eater added:

“Considering there have been trucks at America’s Cup warm-up events, this one’s a headscratcher…”

Hopefully Levy knows what they are doing and doesn’t miff locals who, as we all know, love food trucks.

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