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Margaret Thatcher’s legacy lives on

Britain’s “Iron Lady” and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died Monday at the age of 87 from a stroke.

Thatcher served as prime minister for 11 years during Britain’s harsh economic times. Her tough rule made her a divisive figure and an icon in British politics.


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Thatcher’s conservative politics broke down union power and paved the way for more private ownership. She also led the war against Argentina to gain ownership over the Falkland Islands.

She was the only woman to hold her post in the 20th Century and is remembered by politicians and fans around the globe. Within minutes of the announcement of her passing, remembrances began pouring in.


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Former president George H.W. Bush  said in a statement:

“The personal grief we Bushes feel is compounded by the knowledge that America has lost one of the staunchest allies we have ever known; and yet we have confidence that her sterling record of accomplishment will inspire future generations.”

While the Iron Lady was not always Britain’s most loved Prime Minister, her 11 year rule required her to make tough decisions that made her the pioneering figure she is remembered as today.

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